Why Choose Friant?

Creating an ideal workspace may be a difficult and daunting task for anyone. With the amount of work required to create a place where you can pour out your creativity and imagination with utmost concentration and focus, you need to make a place that’s well organized and free from clutter. Furthermore, you need to have a place that’s neat and comfortable as you work. And that’s what the Friant System 2 is designed for.

Being one of the most popular cubicle systems available, the Friant System 2 is designed for your leisure, comfort and to bring out the best in you as you work on it. It has the same principles in its fundamental design of the Herman Miller Action Office. That means you get to save space, it’s durable by nature, its design is not only stylish but also proves to be functional and versatile as a cubicle system.

The Friant System 2 is regarded well because of its customization just to meet your needs. What’s even cooler is that the Friant System 2 is also completely compatible with the Herman Miller Action Office if you already have the latter. But the main difference is that the Friant System comes at a cheaper price.

Aside from being a more economically-friendly option for your office needs, there are several other benefits that come with the use of the Friant System 2. It comes with customizable fabrics and finishes that you can choose from to suit your taste and style. It’s also made from durable steel and aluminum core construction, ensuring the prime of its life even after several years.

The interchangeable component design is also handy if you want to use the Friant System as your company continues to grow throughout the years. The power and non-powered panel options make work easy and convenient as well. Furthermore, there’s a 5-day and 10-day QuickShip option when choosing the standard colors of the Friant System.